Annual Cultural Events

January February March  

In January, to welcome the new year, the students are served ozooni.


In the beginning of February, students celebrate Setsubun. They are given roasted soybeans to eat to ensure their good luck throughout the new year.


March is Hinamatsuri--a doll festival to celebrate girls. Boys and girls alike observe the hina-ningyo display that showcases the Emperor and Empress's court.

April May June

Students learn about Japan's appreciation for nature and celebrate the arrival of spring.


Students showcase what they have learned in the past year through an evening speech event held onstage.

Kodomo no Hi

On Children's Day, the koi no bori, or fish flags and samurai helmets and dolls are displayed and children learn about this festival through a presentation.

  children's day
July August September

The star festival is celebrated by allowing the students to write down their wishes and hang them on a traditional tanabata tree.

Summer Vacation Back to School sakuramochi
October November December  

Undokai is an annual athletic event held in October. Every student attending the Southeast Japanese School is encouraged to participate in the various games that take place throughout the day.

Shichi-go san

The Seven-five-three Festival is held in November each year at local Shrines in Japan. At Southeast Japanese School, students learn about the festival and a few students will be dressed in the traditional kimono for the occasion.

New Years

Students experience a sample of the oshogatsu festivities by viewing traditional mochi pounding and tasting toshikoshi soba.